GlobalNOC TSDS Frontend User Manual

IU GlobalNOC Systems Engineering

            2711 E 10th Street
            Bloomington, IN


Table of Contents

1. Line Chart Functionality
Changing Timeframes
Adding and Removing Values
Auto Update
Changing Chart Type
Legend Functionality
Export to csv/png
Drag and Drop
2. Browse Section
Primary Measurements and Classifiers
Data Explorer
Changing Timeframe
Opening/Closing Chart
Basic Search
Advanced Search
3. Portals
How to navigate
Portal Views
4. Forge
Main Forge Page
Viewing Reports
Adding A Report
Editing A Report
Deleting A Report
Forge Details Page
Data Explorer Tree Component
5. Admin Section
Measurement Type Section
Viewing Measurement Types
Adding a Measurement Type
Editing Measurement Type
Viewing Measurement Type Details
Adding Metadata Fields
Deleting Metadata
Viewing Measurement Type Values
Adding Measurement Type Values
Editing Measurement Type Values
Deleting Measurement Type Values
Data Retention
Choosing a Measurement Type
Default Rule
Adding a Retention Policy
Editing a Retention Policy
Deleting a Retention Policy
Evaluation Position for Retention Policies

List of Figures